Welcome to the Syracuse Esperanto Society

We're a group of language enthusiasts in Syracuse and Central New York who share a passion for studying, speaking, and promoting Esperanto. Our monthly meetings and events offer a fun and supportive environment to practice the language and make new friends.

Learn Esperanto with us and be part of a movement to connect the world through language.

About Esperanto

Esperanto is a special language. It’s not the official language of any country and it doesn’t belong to any ethnic group, rather it’s a planned language. Esperanto was created for the purpose of helping people all across the world to communicate and understand one another.

With its logical structure and simple grammar, Esperanto easier to learn than most languages, taking a fraction of the time to learn as French or German.

Millions of people all over the world speak Esperanto. It’s a vibrant, living language used every day to conduct business, write poetry, make new friends, travel, and all of the other wonderful things for which language is used.