L. L. Zamenhof

What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is an international language published by Dr. Ludovic Zamenhof in 1887 with the goal of improving communication and understanding. It’s a living language, used as a common second language for communicating with others from different countries. Speakers of Esperanto (called Esperantists) can be found in over 135 countries.


Why Esperanto?

Esperanto is easier to learn than other languages thanks to its regular and simple grammar. In fact, it’s estimated you can learn Esperanto 4 to 10 times faster than an ethnic language. The language also belongs to everyone, not just to people of a particular group or nationality. As a neutral second language, everyone can communicate without losing their cultural identity.

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Join Us!

The Syracuse Esperanto Society is a group for individuals in Syracuse and Central New York who are interested in studying, speaking, and promoting the use of Esperanto. We have regular monthly meetings, and newcomers and people interested in learning more are always welcome.

Our next meeting is December 2, 2022 at 6:00 pm

Recent News

online meetup sessions
online meetup sessions

New Online Meetup Sessions
March 28, 2022

To supplement our in-person meetups, the Syracuse Esperanto Society will add a monthly online meeting starting in April. In-person meetings will continue to be hosted on the third Friday of the month while the online sessions will take place on the first Friday of the month. This is a great opportunity for both beginners, who might want to “test the waters” before coming to an in-person meetup, and for our existing members, who might want to increase their practice opportunities. All upcoming meetups are announced in advance on our page at Meetup.com.

in-person meetup
in-person meetup

Resuming In-Person Meetups
February 18, 2022

The Syracuse Esperanto Society began in-person meetups again starting with our February meetup. Resuming in-person gatherings is an important step for us, as we lost some members during the past (almost) two years of online-only meetings, and other members have expressed that they don’t get as much out of the online meetings as they once did from the in-person meetings. Recruitment will need to be a major focus for us in 2022 to re-grow the club. However, we will not be abandoning online sessions entirely. The hope is to add additional online sessions to our monthly schedule.

Universala Kongreso 2020 Delayed
April 4, 2020

The World Health Organization declared the growing coronavirus epidemic a pandemic on March 11. This has resulted in numerous flight and entry restrictions which impacts international meetings in the near future. In light of these restrictions and safety concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, the UEA Board has postponed the 2020 Universala Kongreso which was to take place in Montreal.