Urban Weekend: Syracuse Urban Weekend: Syracuse

Syracuse - the “Salt City,” the fifth largest city in New York, home of the green on top traffic light, and now the host of the third Urban Weekend!

Urban Weekend: Syracuse will take place in Syracuse, New York, on the 31st of August and 1st of September, 2013. Come explore a city rich in history and enjoy Esperanto with friends new and old.

N.B. If you plan on staying in Syracuse during the event, it’s recommended you make reservations at your hotel as soon as possible. The New York State Fair will be occurring during the same time and people from all over the state travel to attend it. Find a hotel

For questions, please contact Timothy Boronczyk by email tboronczyk@gmail.com or cell 315-560-2874.


Saturday, August 31st

Download: English PDF | Esperanto PDF

We will meet in Clinton Square at 11:30 and walk together to Empire Brewing Company for lunch, weather permitting. If it is raining heavily, we will meet at the resturant itself at noon.

  • 12:00: Lunch at Empire Brewing Company - Empire Brewing Company is a contemporary downtown bar and grill offering an an eclectic menu made with locally sourced ingredients complemented by a diverse selection of hand-crafted ales and lagers. (See menu and prices)
  • Afternoon: Erie Canal Museum - The Erie Canal linked Lake Erie to the Hudson River, opening the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean. The canal greatly reduced the cost of shipping between the midwest and northeast United States, increasing trade throughout the country, and enabled westward migration. The museum is housed in the only weighlock building in existance in the country. ($5 per person)
  • Afternoon: Everson Museum - The Everson Museum displays works by US artists from the 18th century to the present, including sculptures, drawings, and videos. The museum established one of the first video art colections in the United States, and its collection is the largest in the world. The building was designed by internationally acclaimed architect IM Pei, and is considered a work of art in its own right. ($5 per person)
  • 17:00: Dinner at The Mission - The Mission serves Mexican, Southwestern, and South American cuisine. The resturant occupies a former Methodist church, and the building was important during the 19th century as a station in the Underground Railroad. Church members were active in abolitionist activities and support for womens rights; the secret tunnel under the church was a refuge for fugitive slaves. (See menu and prices)
  • Evening: Socializing - The best part of Esperanto is making new friends, so we’ll be sure to spend some time socializing. Maybe we’ll walk the shores of Onondaga Lake, play some Scrabble, go geocaching, share a drink, or watch a movie... you decide!

Sunday, September 1st

Download: PDF (Dual-language)

We will meet in the Rosamond Gifford Zoo parking lot at 11:30.

  • 11:30: Rosamond Gifford Zoo - The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is home to more than 700 animals on 43 acres. Some of the more popular animals include elephants, penguins, tigers, and lions. The zoo breeds and houses asian elephants and is regarded by some as one of the greatest breeding programs of its kind. ($7 per person)
  • 15:00: Lunch at Colemans - Colemans is Syracuse’s premiere Irish pub and is located in Tipperary Hill, the Syracuse neighborhood settled primarily by Irish immigrants from County Tipperary in Ireland to work on the Erie Canal. The neighborhood is also home to the famous green on top traffic light. (See menu and prices)