KER Exam to be Held in New York

Esperanto KER Ekzameno

This summer it will be possible to take the official Common European Framework of Reference for Languages exam in Esperanto. On July 16 in New York City exams for levels B1, B2, and C1 will be available. The deadline to sign up is May 15, so sign up quickly if you're interested.

All-Esperanto Weekend in Utica

Esperantists during the All-Esperanto Weekend in Utica.

During the April 21st and 22nd weekend, the Syracuse Esperanto Society organized an All-Esperanto Weekend, a two day meetup to practice Esperanto in an inmersive environment. 15 people came to Utica, New York, to participate from six cities across the state: Rochester, Binghamton, Plattsburg, Syracuse, Schenectady, and New York. A report about the event will appear in the May issue of La Nov-Jorkia Esperantisto.

First Issue of La Nov-Jorkia Esperantisto

La Nov-Jorkia Esperantisto

Curious about what’s going on in New York State? Satisfy your curiosity with the first issue of La Nov-Jorkia Esperantiso, now available for download. The newsletter reports on Esperanto events and activities that take place in the Empire State and is published twice a year by the Syracuse Esperanto Society in collaboration with the Rocester Esperanto Club and the Esperanto Society of New York.

Esperantist from Estonia Visits Syracuse

Aare Metsamärt

Traveling via Pasporto Servo, Estonian esperantist Aare Metsamärt vizited several locations in New York, including New York City, Rochester, and Syracuse. He arrived in Syracuse on April 28th where his activities included a protest march to show support against global climate change, walks along Onondaga Lake, watching films in Esperanto, dining at various restaurants, and meeting local esperantists. “I am surprized that there are so many young Esperantists in Syracuse,” said Metsamärt. “Esperantists in my country are older. Esperanto is definitely alive here.”

Zamenhof’s Complete Works Available

Dr. L. L. Zamenhof

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ludwik Zamenhof’s death, the Esperanto Museum at the Austrian National Library will make all of Zamenhof’s works in their collection, from 1887 until 1930, freely available on the Internet. 125 books have already been released via the museum’s website and more will follow in the coming weeks. You can access the collection at:

Source: Novaĵservo Ret-Info/Linvgo-Studio