Duolingo Esperanto Course Reaches Beta

Duolingo’s mascot wearing an Esperanto scarf

After months of hard work the long-awaited Esperanto course on Duolingo is now available! Congratulations to the course contributors and thank you for your effort and dedication. Be sure to check it out and recommend it to any Esperanto learners you may know.

Source: Duolingo.com

TEJO to Distribute Condoms

TEJO logo

The committee for TEJO (“World Esperanto Youth Organization”), under the leadership of Vice President Michael Boris Mandirola, decided that boardmembers of the group should distribute condoms during youth gatherings. The condoms bear the slogan, “TEJO protektas vin” (“TEJO protects you”). Some committee members and former commitee members responded in opposition, saying that membership dues should only be spent towards Esperanto-related goals. TEJO organizes several youth events each year, bringing together an international group of young people to discuss current issues.

Source: Libera Folio

Esperanto Soccer Team Competes in Buenos Aires

Members of the Esperanto soccer team in Buenos Aires

A match between two newly formed soccer teams, Selektitaro de Esperanto (“Team Esperanto”) and Argentina Selección de la Comunidad Armenia (“Argentine-Armenian Community Team”), took place at Polideportivo Colegiales stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the 99th Universala Kongreso de Esperanto (“World Esperanto Congress”). Both teams became official members of NF-Board which brings together teams from nations, enclaves, and minority groups not eligible for membership in FIFA. The Esperanto team is made up of players from Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Russia. Comunidad Armenia won the match 8-3.

Source: El Popola Ĉinio

Academy Revises Interpretation of Names in Esperanto

According to Oficiala Informo Numero 22 (“Official Bulletin No. 22”), la Akademio de Esperanto (“Esperanto Academy”) revised their interpretation on the use of proper names in Esperanto. The academy recommends “more attention and support to be paid for fully translating commonly used proper names into Esperanto.” This reverses one of their earlier interpretations from the Oka Oficiala Aldono al la Universala Vortaro (“Eighth Official Addition to the Universal Dictionary”).

Source: La Balta Ondo

Urban Weekend: Syracuse

Urban Weekend: Syracuse

Syracuse will host the third Urban Weekend event, Urban Weekend: Syracuse. The event will take place August 31st and September 1st, 2013. Come explore a city rich in history, and enjoy Esperanto with new friends. More information is available on the event page.